Missing Ring Mystery

SPOKANE, WA - A diamond ring was found at Northwest Harvest. It was discovered in a donation bag from KHQ's Hometown Harvest food drive. What could have been an accident, KHQ found out was very much on purpose, and the ring's owner does not want it back.

Northwest manager, Dennis Vorhies, said the man who donated the ring was surprised to see it on the news, and came knocking on his door to confirm the donated ring was no mistake.

"He just decided it was time to pass it on," Vorhies said.

The donor wants to remain anonymous, but now, Northwest Harvest wants to pass it on.

A jewelry store in Spokane said the ring looks like it has never been worn, and they said the center diamond is half a karat.

"It looks like there's a third of a carrot in the side stones over here," Pounders Jewelry said.

Pounders Jewelry estimated the ring's value at $3,000. And if sold at that price, Northwest Harvest said that could feed around 15,000 people.

"So we'd like to beat that, see how giving Spokane really is this time of year," Vorhies said.

So if you're looking to propose soon, and you want a brand new diamond ring, and an even better story, you need to call Northwest Harvest in Spokane Valley right away.