It's not very often that you come across a news story that would make a great children's book, but it's happened right here in our own backyard. 

Well, in Tim Floyd's backyard. His very large, rolling hills and pastures backyard.

A few years ago we told you the story of a horse whose mother had died during his birth. Breeders were ready to bottle feed him (as a dad to two newborns, I can't even fathom the midnight feedings for a horse!), but it was never necessary. Down the road from the orphaned horse was another mother, who had sadly just lost her foal during birth. 

A mother who needed a baby, and a baby who needed a mom. Breeders decided to put the two together and see what would happen. 

"They met and fell in love instantly with each other and she was a great mom and he wouldn't leave her side," owner Tim Floyd said. 

The two became inseparable. You can watch our original story HERE. 

Two years later, on a sunny and clear Friday morning, I found myself back at Warlock Stables in south Spokane County. Haynes wasn't there. He is down in Phoenix training for the next phase of his life. His adoptive mother, Allure, was just down the road, but we didn't get to see her. 

So why were we back at the scene of such an incredible story without the key players there? Because that's not where there story ends. It's where it begins. Literally. 

The tale of Haynes and his adoptive mother, Allure, is now a children's book. 

"I personally am also adopted, so I'm very familiar with that story line," Floyd said. "I just thought to myself, 'more people need to know about this.'"

Like all great stories, there's love, loss and hopefully some triumph. 

"The way the book ends, the next journey is going to be when he (Haynes) finds the winner's circle for the first time. When he becomes a winner. Which could set it up for a second book." Floyd said. 

Haynes is now 2-yeas-old and is entering the next chapter in his life. He is training for his racing career in Phoenix before he starts racing later this year at Emerald Downs in Auburn, Washington. 

And he has some amazing lineage to live up to. 

"His dad is a great, great grandson of Secretariat, probably the greatest racehorse of all time," Floyd said. 

Haynes' grandpa, Demon Warlock (which is about the coolest horse name, right?), is also a state champion himself. 

With high expectations for the race track, and the book business, right now everything is coming up Haynes. And it all started with an adoptive mother's love. 

"I think it's a book that kids are going to love, adults are going to love reading it to their kids and anyone that's been touched by adoption, this would be a good book to explain that you don't have to look the same to be loved and accepted," Floyd added. 

"Baby Haynes" won't be released until March 14, but it you're interested in pre-ordering a copy of the book, you can order one on Amazon or HERE.

Baby haynes