The 13 things you learned about KHQ's Stephanie Vigil during her Facebook chat

KHQ's Stephanie Vigil took over KHQ's Facebook Page on Monday for an hour to answer questions from viewers and fans on both her professional and personal life. She had a lot of fun answering the questions, and here are thirteen things we learned about Stephanie during her chat: 

1.) She loves Leslie Lowe! 

Q.) KHQ Leslie Lowe: Who's your favorite Weather Girl?

A.) Stephanie: Of course it's the Lowe down with Ms. Leslie Lowe!

2.) Ebola scares her. 

Q.) Richard Biggs: Do you think that Ebola could become a pandemic that the world would not be able to recover from?

A.) Stephanie: Ebola scares me! I interviewed a Dr. from the CDC once. He told me we should be more afraid of disease getting out of control than a war on our own soil.

3.) She loves KHQ and she loves the Inland Northwest!

Q.) Paul Pridmore: How many job offers have you turned down over the years? What was the best one? 

A.) Stephanie: Honestly, I've been courted but I wouldn't leave here. My sons father lives here, and my boys need both of their parents. In my mind, moving for more money was never an option. Plus, I love it here!

4.) As much as she loves the Inland Northwest, she misses Northern California. 

Q.) Cindy Beltz: Gotta love Dave & Lois! They were too funny together! We missed you leaving... 

A.) Stephanie: Hi Cindy!! I miss N. CA too! Great place to live. Michelle Dapper is at KCRA now.

5.) We learned that she loves her current job AND who she wanted to model herself after. 

Q.) Cody Black: If you could do it all over again, other than your current career what would you have done? Sky is the limit.

A.) Stephanie: Hmm tough question Cody Black. I wanted to be the next Katie Couric when I was younger. 

6.) We learned what one of her favorite cravings is, and where she likes to get it in Spokane!

Q.) Tim N Heidi Wilks: Stephanie, what's for dinner tonight? I'm craving meatloaf!

A.) Stephanie: I'm craving french onion soup from The Onion, Tim

7.) Want to get away? Stephanie knows the perfect spot! 

Q.) Mary Bradley: Hi beautiful. I would like to know how I can win a free vacation? I have never been on one and can't afford one. I really need to get away. Can you help me? Love ya lady

A.) Stephanie: I want a free vacation too Mary Bradley. You can hike Tubbs Hill or take a nature walk. That always feels like a get away. 

8.) She loves saying "Hi" to her fans!

Q.) Preston Bolt: Hi Steph

A.) Stephanie: Hi Preston!

9.) She loves reporting on "good news." So if you have some, be sure to email her for a possible "Keeping Vigil" segment!

Q.) Diamond Augustus Wells: Stay classy Spokane Stephanie! Why does the news always have to be bad news? Can't you do more segments on the good news? If not find some good news. I would be willing to journey about and find good news in Spokane. :) 

A.) Stephanie: That is why I love doing my Keeping Vigil stories. They are feel good stories of everyday people. 

10.) She offered an answer to a frequently asked question/critique of the media.

Q.) Melissa Kiehl: How is putting a camera in a grieving person's face good for anything?

A.) Stephanie: Honestly, Melissa Kiehl, often times they come to us.

11.) She shared some of her beauty secrets!

Q.) Luke Clark: Any special treatments or skin creams, etc. you use to look constantly so fantastic? You're a hard working mom, kids, wife and news anchor, there has to be more than genetics.

A.) Stephanie: You're a sweetheart Luke Clark! I try and drink lots of water, sleep and exercise, but it's all falling! Haha!

12.) What does she do for fun?

Q.) Cherlye Hopkins: What's your favorite pastime? What do you do to get refreshed and energized again?

A.) Stephanie: I love snow skiing, cycling, being on the water. I exercise or sleep to reenergize myself and hanre energizefamily.

13.) She still loves Leslie Lowe :)

Q.) Torin Atkins: Who's your favorite person at KHQ to hang with? 

A.) Stephanie: Leslie and I do a lot together.

You can run through the entire Q & A session on KHQ Local News Facebook page. It was great hearing from so many fans and we hope to do this again with Stephanie soon!

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