SPOKANE, Wash. - April and Nick Davis were on a road trip from their home in Bend, Ore., to Montana for work. They stopped in Spokane on Christmas Day and stayed overnight at the Historic Davenport downtown.

When they woke up and checked their car the next morning, hoping to get back on the road, they were devastated.

"Whoever took my stuff needed it a lot more than I did," said April. "They're going to be very warm tonight. If it means saving somebody's life, then that's okay.

April and Nick are volunteer search and rescue workers, and the gear that was taken from their car is worth more than $11,000.  

Sleeping bags, coats, first aid kits, a GPS device–it's what helps them stay alive on missions, especially in frigid temperatures.

"Obviously we'd like to see our stuff back, it's not a great feeling having your stuff stolen from you," Nick said. "But at the same time, hopefully this keeps somebody warm this winter. I know that if someone took it because they're in desperate need, that's a human being in a pretty tough spot."

"I was completely shocked," said April. "I wasn't sure how to react, other than how I typically react to any emergencies or anything like that. 'Okay, assess the situation: what's been taken, what hasn't? It's cold, am I going to be able to stay warm?'"

The Davises say hotel security at the Davenport was fantastic and helped them file a police report. Security even taped up their window so they could continue their road trip.

"We have to be available 24/7," April said. "There have been instances in my travels when I've stumbled into some kind of search mission. The mindset of being ready 24/7 never stops."

"Fortunately we're in a place where we can start replacing the gear and figuring out the insurance on the back end. At least we have that, but it'll take a couple weeks to get operational again." said Nick.

The couple is back home in Bend now, but they say they can still feel the impact of the Spokane community, coming to bat once again for those who find themselves in less than ideal circumstances.

"In all honesty, it's been overwhelming with some of the groups I've posted in," said April. "The sharing has just been absolutely incredible and overwhelming. The outreach of offering money to help replace gear is something I never anticipated and it was very overwhelming.

"We've asked if people do want to support, then they help support their local search and rescue unit," Nick said. "These folks are out in these conditions, every time that call comes they drop what they're doing and go outside, whatever the weather is, and go help people. The community has been fantastically responsive to that"

So far the Davises haven't had any leads on the whereabouts of their things, but are working to replace what they've lost.

If you have any information about where their stuff might be, or if you have surveillance cameras downtown that may have captured something on Christmas night when this happened, you're encouraged to contact CrimeCheck on their website, or by calling (509) 456-2233.

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