Thieves steal money put aside for brain surgery bills from Hayden couple

A Hayden couple is struggling after they returned home from a brain surgery appointment in Seattle to find out someone had broken into their house.  The thief stole guns and thousands of dollars in cash from their safe. 

The Prices had cashed out their 401K for medical expenses but say they are more concerned about the missing guns.  One of those guns was a family heirloom. 

"This is her third brain surgery," says David Price, of wife, Leah. 

As if life isn't difficult enough, Leah has a recurring tumor on her brain stem.  In late April is when she and David were in Seattle for treatment.  "She's getting better," says David.  "It's just a slow process after each surgery."

While Leah was getting help, someone back in Hayden was helping themselves to the couples' valuables.    

"I mean everything points to somebody we know," says David.  Leah's house key had been missing for several weeks and he said the combination to the safe had been written down somewhere in their house.  When they got home it appeared as if someone had come in through the window, but David believes it was staged. 

"You look at everybody you see in the neighborhood wondering if it's them," says David.  "You start questioning your friends."

The thieves stole $18,000 in cash, prescription drugs, and two pistols, a Ruger Black Hawk 45 and an 1874 Colt 45. 

The Colt 45 had special meaning.  "It was handed to my dad from my grandpa and then to me and it's just a family heirloom," says David.  "It needs passed on to somebody else."

He says there were some distinguishing characteristics of the 1874 Colt 45 like its five and a half inch barrel, an old blade site that had been replaced with a newer model.  On the ejector slide where it would've had a screw it was welded and it has a four digit serial number beginning with 9.  Price also says the grips were checkered and there had been an Eagle hanging onto a banner with arrows, but it was worn and likely wouldn't be distinguishable unless you knew what it was. 

"We'd like to have the money back," says David, but that's probably wishful thinking.  Mainly the old colt."

The family is offering a $2500 reward for the guns to be returned and even more if the person responsible is arrested.

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