I had a good day on Friday. 

I got licked by a dog. 

A good dog. A dog named Butch. 

Butch is a current resident at SCRAPS in Spokane Valley where he's receiving plenty of cookies, toys, belly rubs and some extraordinary medical care.

Butch the Dog

"He got a carpeted suite for a while. He gets lots of love." SCRAPS Veterinarian Dr. Beth O'Keeffe said Friday afternoon as Butch licked her face, too and she responded, "I love you, too." 

About three weeks ago, Butch wasn't the spry, energetic dog enthusiastically wandering around a playpen behind SCRAPS on Friday. SCRAPS received a call about a dog next to a road. 

"He couldn't move. He couldn't stand up. He couldn't walk," Dr. O'Keeffe recalled when Butch was first brought in by an Animal Protection Officer. 

Both of Butch's legs on his left side were broken. 

Exactly what happened to Butch to leave him in such terrible shape is still a mystery. 

"Unfortunately Butch is the only one who can tell us and he's not talking," Dr. O'Keeffe said. 

With such severe injuries, and Dr. O'Keeffe being a graduate of one of the best veterinary schools in the county, Butch went to college. 

"I made a phone call down to WSU and I said, 'Do you guys have availability? Can you take him?' and they said 'Of course'," Dr. O'Keeffe said. 

With a case like Butch's, Public Information Officer for WSU Charlie Powell said WSU was exactly the place the injured pup needed to be. 

"Butch's case was unique enough that it might be a publishable case," Powell said. "We are a specialty hospital that is fill with specialty veterinarians. The expertise is here, the equipment is here and the ability to get these types of surgeries done is here." 

Butch at the hospital

Dr. Peter Gilbert, veterinary orthopedic surgeon at WSU shows off Butch's repaired legs. Credit Henry Moore Jr. BCU/WSU

Though prepared to take on the costs alone, SCRAPS put a call out on social media to raise money for Butch's surgeries and thanks to the generosity of the community, about $9000 was raised in 48 hours. 

Butch under went multiple surgeries on his legs and just three weeks later, thanks for Dr. O'Keeffe and the staff at SCRAPS, the surgeons at WSU and the outpouring of support from a community of animal lovers, Butch is well on his way to a full recovery. 

"This boy has a lot of life ahead of him," Dr. O'Keeffe said of the believed-to-be about a year-old good boy. 

What makes Butch worth all of the effort? For Dr. O'Keeffe, the answer to such a silly question is easy. 

"They're all worth it to us," she responded. "We love and care for anything that comes in here. If it's an animal, it's worth it." 

If you're rushing to your phone right now to call SCRAPS and adopt Butch, hang on. He still has a lot of recovery to go through, including check-ups at six and eight weeks post-surgery. After that, if he's cleared by his veterinarians, Dr. O'Keeffe said SCRAPS will make sure he gets a good forever home. 

However, medical expenses like Butch's are not uncommon for SCRAPS and if you want to donate to the organization, you can find more information HERE