Three hour standoff in Post Falls

A scuffle on the front lawn of a triplex in Post Falls led to a nearly three hour standoff with police.

Post Falls Police say they received a call around 5pm of a suspected stabbing in the area of 15th and Compton. When police arrived on scene there were two men and two women on the lawn, one of the men with a cut on his hand.

Witnesses told police the suspect, a tenant at the triplex, pulled a knife on the other man and then a fight broke out. Shortly after officers arrived on scene, the suspect went into his apartment and refused to come out.

Police then began to evacuate the rest of the tenants living in the apartment and tried numerous times to contact the suspect.

"We tried a megaphone, calling him, knocking on his door and windows, and he was just not responding to us," says Captain Pat Knight with the Post Falls Police Department.

After three hours of trying to reach the suspect, police decided to leave the scene. They say after interviewing the man's girlfriend, they found out he had been highly intoxicated when the fight broke out and were under the assumption he had fallen asleep. Knight told KHQ they plan on returning in the morning with a warrant to arrest the man.

"Right now it's just not worth pushing the issue and risking the lives of one of the deputies here," says Knight.

Police say the man will be charged with aggravated battery.