yakima house fire toddler rescued

YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima first responders rescued a toddler, who was alone inside, from a house fire Friday morning. 

Firefighters were called out to a home near 41st and Storm Avenues. When they arrived, they found a garage completely covered in flames, and the home partially covered. Crews found the toddler, around 2-3 years old, in a portable crib. Firefighters said he was in the house alone. 

Once they rescued the toddler, he was airlifted to a Seattle hospital. Right now, the extent of the boy's injuries aren't clear. 

The fire has been put out and no other injuries have been reported. An investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.

This is a developing story, which means information could change. We are working to report timely and accurate information as we get it.