Torched and abandoned RV becomes eyesore in Spokane

Courtney McKlveen says the problem started months ago.

The front desk attendant at Dynamic Gymnastics Academy in Spokane first noticed the RV in October. Back then someone was still living inside of the 1977 motor home.

But on a late January evening, the problems got off to a fiery start when McKlveen and her coworkers noticed the RV was engulfed in flames.

“Everyday I drive past it I just shake my head because the pile grows and grows and grows,” said McKlveen. “It’s a very big eyesore and hopefully it gets taken care of as soon as possible.”

McKlveen isn’t holding her breath.

Along with the owners of the gym, McKlveen have been waiting to find out who is responsible for the RV and its surrounding pile of mattresses, clothes, and needles.

“We’ve got to have a nice clean neighborhood,” said McKlveen. “I’m concerned for the kids.”

According to Spokane County Code Enforcement, the property belongs to L & L Cargile Inc. But the company disagrees. The owner told KHQ Local News they believe it’s on County property.

It’s a bad situation for everyone involved.

If the RV is on L & L Cargile’s property, they would be responsible for cleaning it up, even though they didn’t abandon the motor home in the first place.

Code Enforcement says the sent L & L Cargile a notice to remove the RV and surrounding trash by March 29th. L & L Cargile says the have not received that notice.

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