It began just after 2 this afternoon when Spokane County deputies tried to stop a car for reckless driving.
The car, a black BMW took off on east Trent reaching speeds as high as 90 miles an hour as deputies gave chase into Idaho before calling it off just before Rathdrum.
A few minutes later Idaho state patrol found the car and they picked up the chase which leads them back to Washington, something area law enforcement on both sides of Stateline prepare for.
"We have alternate radio channels where Idaho State Patrol, Kootenai County, us and other local agencies can communicate with each other," said Sgt. Craig Pannell from the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.
Robert Erickson heard what he thought were sirens, so he walked out his front door to take a look.
"Saw this little dark car screaming up the street at 50 miles an hour," witness Robert Erickson said.
The driver then took a turn onto a dirt road in Otis orchards back in the area where the chase began.
"They'll come back to where it started because they know the area, either to a friend's house or family or maybe they think they can elude us on foot that way." Sgt. Craig Pannell said.
Unfortunately for the driver, he took a wrong turn.
"Ended up at a dead-end which worked out good for us, but bad for them." Sgt. Craig Pannell said.
The driver bailed out of the car and took off running.
Deputies quickly set up a perimeter and brought in a K9 to search but it was unsuccessful.
Living in this area for nearly two decades, Erickson said it's been quiet until the last two years.
"Its been off and on occurrences. The whole neighborhood seems to be going downhill, very frustrating," Erickson said.
A passenger in the car was detained and questioned but eventually released.
Deputies believe they know the identity of the driver who has a warrant for a felony.