Trash nightmare out of control for one Spokane business

Trash along one Spokane street has gotten to the point where one business owner says he's had enough. Now he wants the city to do something to fix the problem.

Jeremy Hansen says this has gotten way out of control. The trash is everywhere and the wind picks it up, throwing it in every direction. "It's an eyesore," says Hansen.

He's even tried to clean it up himself. Hansen owns a restaurant, the Inland Pacific Kitchen, and the view out his window really puts a damper on things.

"It's all the way down to the intersection," Hansen says, "I mean, people could be sitting here having a nice dinner and look and be like, 'Oh that's gross'"

Hansen thinks the problem is coming from his neighbors, the Downtowner Motel.

"The put their dumpster out there, it's overflowing and the homeless come through here and rummage through it and throw everything all over the place."

KHQ spoke with the owner of the Downtowner Motel. He says it's a nightmare he's well aware of. He explained they put their dumpster outside three times a week, but says the city won't allow them to lock up the dumpsters because of the garbage route.

Hansen just wants this to go away.

"If we want to have a beautiful city and want people to come to our city, we want visitors to come check it out... We have to make it beautiful and show we care about it."

We reached out to the City of Spokane who said they are aware of the problem and will work with the Downtowner owner to try to come up with a solution. As soon as they do, we'll let you know what it is.

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