Two Coeur d'Alene Charged With Witness Intimidation In Disturbing Child Sex Case

COEUR d'ALENE, Idaho - A victim in a disturbing child sex case in Coeur d'Alene faced the threat of going to an orphanage if she testified against her alleged molester, according to court documents KHQ obtained Friday.

Emilie M. Barker, the victim's mother, and Sherri L. Wastweet, the suspect's mother, were arrested in mid-December for allegedly threatening one of the victims Corey McGrath gave a sexually transmitted disease to.

McGrath has twice tested positive for gonorrhea since police opened their investigation in October, court documents say.

Documents also say that Barker also tested positive for gonorrhea.

“She (the victim) said that if she (Barker) loses custody of the children because of this she will kill herself,” court documents say, "she (the victim) said that Corey said he would kill himself if he goes to prison for this."

Court documents also say the victim went to a family members home and read a written statement, recanting her testimony. Investigators say Barker wrote it, and Wastweet recorded it with plans to have play it in in court.

The victim told investigators that Barker would pressure her to revoke her testimony.

Both women have since bonded out of jail, court records indicate.

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