Justin DeRosier

Police have arrested two suspects in connection with the shooting death of a deputy in Cowlitz County.

29-year-old Sheriff Deputy Justin Derosier was shot and killed while he was checking on a disabled R.V. in the city of Kalama.  

He later died at a local hospital.

Sergeant Brent Wadell with the Clark County Sheriff's Office talked about the arrests during a news conference on Monday

"Right now, there's two people that have been taken into custody in this matter so far. One is Matthew Veatch. He was booked for rendering criminal assistance in the first degree, and then Michael Veatch was actually taken into custody on a  Department of Corrections warrant unrelated to this investigation. Most of the players at this point in time have been identified, and the investigation continues into their involvement."

A third person of interest in the case was shot and killed Sunday night in a shootout.

Investigators are still looking into what exactly led up to the shooting. This is the first time in the Sheriff's Office 16 year history that a deputy died in the line of duty.

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