Two young beauties at center of Moscow’s coldest mysteries

Two of Moscow’s coldest mysteries continue to haunt the quaint community. Both detectives and family members alike hope new coverage of the cases will lead to answers after all these years. 

Janice Foiles was found beaten to death back in December of 1969. The University of Idaho student is described as a “sweetheart” and as beautiful as she was kind.

Her sister Anne said it’s still hard to fathom the brutal way she was ripped away from those who love her. 

“You don't really forget the wailing from your parents,” said Janice’s sister Anne. “She was at work at the Tip Top Café in Moscow. She was the last one there closing up on evening.”

Anne and detectives believe Janice let her killer in. It would be the last thing she would ever do.

“The doors had been locked, she let someone in,” Anne said. “Then she was killed brutally.” 

It was Anne’s own family who discovered her body. 

“When she didn't come home, my dad and brother found her,” Anne said. 

Leads trickled in and the whole town was hopeful an arrest would follow. Instead the quiet town only got more mystery.

In June of 1979, another pretty blonde met a suspected brutal end. Unlike Janice Foiles, Gayla Schaper’s body has never been found. Detectives will not comment on a connection, if there even is one.

“Gayla went to feed her animals and disappeared,” Lt. Brannon Jordan said.

Extensive police work on that case went no where. Detectives are hopeful someone out there is holding onto information that could crack the case.

If you have any information about either investigation, please call Moscow Police or the Latah County Sheriff’s Office. 

Janice’s family is pleading with anyone who can help, to pick up the phone and do what’s right. 

“We know that he's out there,” she said. “I think it would be healthy for everyone, including him, to have that closure, that forgiveness, an explanation.”

Have a tip that could help detectives in this cold case? Call the Moscow Police Department. They're open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., just call (208) 883-7054.


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