Unattended Spokane toddler found caught up in bungee cords


A woman who says she is this child's mother called KHQ after the story aired to give her side of the story.

Before hanging up the phone, she claimed that the picture actually shows the child getting tangled up in the cords. She refused to clarify why the toddler was out of the house alone and she also refused to go on camera with us.

In the past, police have been called to the house three different times because this same child was wandering outside alone.


Matt Knight lives in the Nevada Lidgerwood neighborhood. He was mowing his lawn Wednesday night when he heard screams across the street.

“I walked over there and the kid, like the photo you saw, was strapped or caught up in some of the bungee strap to the fence,” said Knight.

Knight called Spokane Police, but he also wanted to take a picture.

“Just because of the previous things that had happened there (the house). So I just wanted some photo evidence versus a bunch of hearsay,” said Knight.

In the last month, police have responded to the home three times. The first two times, children were found unattended in the street. The third time was when the toddler was found unattended and entangled in the gate with bungee cords.

“That strap or bungee cord was pretty much at neck level,” said Knight. “She was up on her feet, but she was kind of struggling around her neck.”

KHQ tried to contact people who lived inside the home several times but have not heard back.

KHQ also contacted the WA Department of Health Services. They said they can't comment on specific cases except when a child dies or nearly dies. They also said a child is only immediately removed from a home if they're in imminent danger. KHQ put in a public records request to learn more about the history of what’s happened at this home.

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