UPDATE: Camel sighting confirmed on Spokane's south hill


Ok. So, we have been able to confirm that there was a camel roaming around the south hill Wednesday morning. Exactly why, we're not sure yet, however we do know there is a gentleman who owns the camel, it got loose and was caught by a woman out walking her dog near Cannon Hill Park. The camel was returned to the owner, but not before taking some pictures with some adoring fans. 

Witnesses told us they could hear the camel trotting down the street yelling, "Hump Day! Whoot Whoot!" (OK, that's not true, but can't you just imagine it?)

We are tracking this developing story and will continue to be your go-to source for camel news in Spokane. 

Previous Coverage:

We love getting news tips from viewers, especially when it involves something out of the ordinary. We received an email with an out of place photo attached to it Wednesday morning from a viewer in the Cannon Hill Park area and couldn't believe our eyes when we opened it. 

A camel. A camel in Cannon Hill Park to be exact. 

We are doing some checking around to find out the validity of the photo, but it sure does look like a camel, and it sure does look like Cannon Hill Park near 19th and Lincoln. 

The two-humped camel appears to be wearing a blue harness around its head as it strolls through the park, so presumably someone at sometime had a lead attached to that harness. 

We checked with Spokane Police who said they hadn't received any reports of camels in that area (or any area for that matter), and so far we've only received the one picture from the one viewer. Normally during a major event like this (and let's be honest, a camel on the loose is a major event), we receive tons of photos and videos, but so far it's just been the one. 

We aren't saying we don't believe this particular viewer, it's just so far all we have is the one single photo. But hey, Bigfoot only has the one infamous photo and people are still convinced he's real, so just like Mulder in the X-Files, "I want to believe." The submitter did not leave any contact information, so we have no way of checking with them, except through email, and so far we have not heard back. 

Hey, I just remembered. It's Wednesday. He looks like he proudly trotting along in the park because it's "HUMP DAY Whoot Whoot!" (I'm proud of the fact that I made it this far into the article before making this obligatory joke.)

Anyway, back to "is it real?" The opinions around the newsroom vary, but the general consensus is that it's real. I even went and asked the computer guys who know all about Photoshop, and they all agree: it looks authentic. 

We sent our Chief Photographer out on camel finding duty (who was very excited), however he was unable to locate the camel, or find anyone else who saw it. 

If you see news happening, especially if it's a camel running loose on the streets of Spokane, send your photos and video to newstip@khq.com