UPDATE: House Fire In Cheney Ruled As Arson

CHENEY, Wash. - Cheney firefighters and the Cheney Police Department say arson is to blame for the cause of a house fire near downtown Cheney that seriously damaged a home. 

Investigators found evidence of some type of accelerator that was poured on the truck and along the side of the triplex.

The fire started just after 2:30 Tuesday morning in a parking lot behind the home. It broke out in a truck, spread up an outside stairwell, then spread to the home. Fire crews say most of the fire damage is at the back of the house and up into the attic. It's not clear right now how badly the home was damaged.

The house is comprised of three rental units, one upstairs and two downstairs. There are four people who live in the three units. All were able to make is safely out of the house before the fire spread.

Firefighters say their concerns about how the house fire started are based on what witnesses are telling firefighters they saw in the moments leading up to the fire. Fire crews tell us those witnesses have several pictures of something outside, but are not ready to say what at this time.


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