UPDATE: Man Accused In Conspiring In Local Murder
SPOKANE, Wash. - Accused in a conspiracy to murder, California resident Brian Moore's trial began today in Spokane County Superior Court. Mr. Moore is accused of assisting in the first degree murder of Spokane resident Dale Stark by conspiring with Dale Stark's estranged wife Shellye Stark, who shot and killed Mr. Stark in their home in December of 2007.

The prosecution alleges that Mrs. Stark and Brian Moore were romantically involved and planned the murder as a means to acquire $400,000 dollars in insurance money as well as the house and other possessions the Starks owned together. Dale Stark was shot in the arm and back by Shellye Stark as she was attempting to serve him with divorce documents and a restraining order that would order Mr. Stark to vacate his home in Spokane.

She was convicted of that crime but the conviction was later overturned by an appeals court. Today the prosecution interviewed three Spokane Police officers who were first responders to the scene as well as Chris Stark, the son of both Shellye and Dale, who was exiting the home when the fatal shots were fired. Chris Stark's testimony will continue throughout the afternoon as the trial continues.


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