UPDATE: Possible Senior Centers Closing In Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - KHQ Local News has learned new information about the proposed 2012 Parks and Recreation budget in the city of Spokane.

As previously reported, senior and youth centers are expected to take a big hit, but some are not happy about an increase in a different area.

Several seniors told KHQ they're frustrated about the proposed increase of $160,265 to the Urban Forestry Fund in the parks and recreation budget. That is a 49% spike. However, the reason is that this is the first year urban forestry has to be fully funded by Parks and Rec.

In that same 2012 budget proposal the senior and youth centers looked at a cut of $324,069. But Parks and Recreation Director Leroy Eadie told us that proposal is going to be amended to reduce the hit to the youth and seniors. It will host a public input meeting that will take place at 5:30 September 27th in the city council chambers.

A final decision on the parks and recreation budget will take place at its October 13th meeting.

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