UPDATE: SCRAPS investigating owner's claim that his dog was injured at local boarding facility
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SCRAPS has confirmed with KHQ it's investigating a complaint by a man who says his dog was hurt at a local boarding facility.

Zach Knechtges' dog "Elway" went to K9 Country Club last weekend for two days. But when Knechtges picked him up, he said the back of Elway's ears were matted and his dog was in pain when he pet him, so Zach went to the emergency clinic.

Vet records show the dog does have a skin infection. Knechtges said the vet told him that infection was because Elway had been left out in the sun. 

KHQ's Joe McHale went to K9 country club to talk to the kennel owner, Nick Lungu, and he told us a different story. 

Lungu claims Elway came into the kennel with matted ears and says his staff offered to groom the dog, but says Elway's owner didn't want that service. Lungu also says Elway wasn't left outside, 

"Could the dog develop a hot spot while it was here? Sure... but nobody mistreated the dog. That's so unfair to accuse us of such things," Lungu said.

We talked to Nancy Hill, at SCRAPS who said this is an open investigation. They are talking to the vet who treated Elway and then hope to talk to the kennel tomorrow. 

We will be sure to let you know what scraps determines. 

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