A number of stolen firearms have been recovered and several people have been arrested following an Adams County burglary investigation.

According to the Adams County Sheriff Department, two rifles from an Adams County burglary were recovered along with two rifles that were stolen from outside Adams County and one with a scratched off serial number.

A recovered revolver was not stolen but was criminally possessed, according to police. An AK pistol had also been reported stolen in Pasco.

Several other items reported stolen from Adams County were also recovered. 

Police also said two people from Adams County and two people from Pasco have been booked following the investigation.

Three other people were also involved in the investigation and possible criminal charges are pending, according to police.

Previous Coverage:

Adams County Sheriffs Deputies have been investigating a burglary where firearms and ammunition were among the stolen items.

Since the victim reported the incident, deputies served several search warrants which produced stolen firearms from this and other cases.

According to deputies, one person was arrested in Adams County and two others will face charges when found.

The investigation continued in Mesa where another stolen firearm was found, but no arrest has been made yet according to the department.

Police followed the investigation to Pasco where Adams County Deputies were helped by the Franklin County and Pasco Police Departments to recover more stolen items including firearms and a motorcycle.

Deputies said two people from Pasco have been taken into custody for various crimes.

The Adams County Sheriffs Department said they'll release more information as it becomes available.

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