SLIDESHOW & UNCUT VIDEO: Man JUMPS From Liberty Lake Apartment Fire

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. – An arrest has been made in Thursday morning's Big Trout Lodge Apartment complex fire. Spokane Shock linebacker Kevin Ellison, 25, has been arrested and now faces federal arson charges.  It is still unclear what disciplinary action will be taken by the Arena Football League.

Court documents just obtained by KHQ show that Ellison recently started displaying erratic behavior, sending bizarre text messages claiming that he was Jesus, and part of the second coming.

Those documents also say that Ellison told members of the Shock front office, including the team's owner and general manager Brady Nelson, that he set his bed on fire because God told him to.


LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. - On Thursday morning firefighters responded to an apartment fire in Liberty Lake at the Big Trout Lodge Apartment complex in the 22-thousand block of East County Vista Rd. Firefighters tell KHQ that the fire started while a man was smoking in bed on the third floor.

Firefighters also tell us the man who started the fire jumped from his apartment to escape the flames. Luckily he didn't break any bones, however, fire officials say the man does suffer from smoke inhalation. The Red Cross is assisting at least 3 families affected by the fire.


We have an update to a previously released press release regarding the fire earlier this morning at the Big Trout Lodge in Liberty Lake.

During the firefighting effort, the occupant of the apartment stated he was smoking in bed and caught the bed on fire. After fire investigators examined the bedroom, it became apparent that his explanation of the fire cause did not match to what the fire investigators had discovered.

The occupant was then re-interviewed at the hospital where he was being treated for smoke inhalation. The results of that interview lead to the arrest of the occupant for starting the fire in his apartment.

The occupant was identified as 25 year old Kevin Ellison. Multiple agencies are assisting in the investigation and at this time Mr. Ellison is being charged with arson in federal court. The details of the investigation are still being gathered at this time.


At approximately 0530 this morning Spokane Valley Fire units responded to an apartment fire at 22809 E Country Vista Dr. Engine 3 was responding to another call when they noticed a large smoke column as they crested the I-90 overpass.  

Recognizing the fire's higher priority Engine 3 immediately called for a full fire response, diverted to the fire, and requested another unit cover the other call.

Upon arrival Engine 3 found flames showing from a 3rd floor apartment. An offensive attack was initiated while occupants were being evacuated from adjacent apartments. Liberty Lake Police Officers assisted fire crews with evacuation and laying hose lines. The fire was knocked down quickly and did not extend into the attic space.

The occupant of the apartment jumped from the 3rd floor window. He was treated for smoke inhalation and transported to the hospital. There were no other injuries.

The fire was confined to the apartment of origin and was heavily damaged. Two other units incurred smoke damage. Damage is estimated at $50,000. The cause of the fire is under investigation.



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