Upload your birthday picture to KHQ.com!

We at KHQ have a tradition that dates back many, many years. How many years, we are unsure. But we love to wish our viewers a happy birthday on KHQ Local News Today!

Sean, Kalae and the morning team encourage you to upload pictures of your family and friends so we can show their face on the morning news and wish them well. The process is simple:

  1. Navigate to the KHQ Local News Today Birthday page: http://bit.ly/IYwCGi
  2. Fill in the required fields and upload a photo of your choice
  3. Click "Submit"

We will quickly send you an email to let you know your photo has been received. You will receive another email (usually on the person's birthday) confirming we have approved the photo and processed it to display on-air during KHQ Local News Today. At that point you can see the photo in the online gallery. Then, after the news (give us some time, we have a busy newsroom!) we will post the video of the days birthday greetings on our website.

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