USPS won't deliver cancer patient's medication because of snow berms and ice

As a mother of six, including a newborn, Amy Stobart has a lot on her plate to manage. She home schools her ten and five-year-old boys and has to take care of her three-month-old boy.

Two weeks ago Amy went to her doctor's for a routine checkup and got the worst possible news: she has breast cancer.

"I just felt like my whole life was being taken away," Stobart said.

Amy depends on the Postal Service to deliver everything from baby formula to medication for her cancer.

"She just won't deliver mail sometimes and mail that we are expecting to get so we know that it is coming and it just doesn't come," says Stobart.

While the Post Office will deliver in rain, sleet, snow and heat, but it seems they draw the line on ice. Amy even asked if her son could go outside and meet the postal carrier to receive whatever she has and the post office told Amy that they can't do that.  

I spoke with the post office's media contact who said: "Customers who receive mail delivery to curbside boxes need to keep the approach to and exit from their mailbox clear of snow, ice, vehicles, trash cans and other objects."

The postal office says Amy's neighbor's aren't getting their mail either but a photo taken by Amy Thursday morning shows the postal worker delivering mail to her neighbors. Stobart challenged the response given to her by the post office.

"No our mailboxes are attached to our neighbors and so if it was because of a snow berm, then nobody would be getting mail not just not us," she said.

I showed the post office the picture that Amy took, and they said they'll look into it. In the meantime Amy's frustrated and not just for herself, "especially thinking that other people are in my same situation," said Amy.

A Go Fund Me webpage has been set up to help Amy and her family pay for her medical costs:

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