Multiple reports of Verizon outages across eastern Washington and north Idaho



According to Verizon, service for eastern Washington and north Idaho customers has been restored. 


Monday night, Spokane area Verizon customers are experiencing a service outage. 

According to Verizon Spokesperson Heidi Flato, "A fiber issue is causing a service interruption in the Spokane area. Our engineers are aware of this issue and are working with the fiber provider, Zayo, to resolve this issue quickly."

Spokane County, Grant County, Shoshone County, Walla Walla County officials have all stated that Verizon customers may not be able to call 911 due to the outage.  


Monday night, authorities issued an alert for Verizon customer in the Spokane area who are without service. 

Verizon users may not be able to call 911 without WiFi

According to, there are over 2,600 reports of outages with a map showing eastern Washington and north Idaho being hit the hardest. 

KHQ reached out to Verizon who said they will gather information and get back to us as soon as possible.