Video adds new perspective to shooting at Cheney Zip's

Craig Muck was meeting up with some friends to see a concert in Spokane and stopped by the Zip's Drive-In off First Street in Cheney after the show in Spokane for a late night snack.

"It was like 3:45 AM and we heard three shots pop off at first we thought it was firecrackers or something," Muck said.

Also inside the restaurant was Boris Slayman. Boris was sitting in the back of the Zip's when the shots rang out.

"I'm just on my computer, and I hear a pop, pop, pop, and I recognize immediately it's gunfire," Slayman said.

According to Slayman, that's when about a dozen people inside the Zip's started to run.

"I didn't know if it was an active shooter situation, so I immediately told them to get down," he added.

Slayman went around making sure everyone was OK. He also took video right after the shots were fired. He then started to assist with medical attention treating the shooting victims until medical personnel showed up.

"I approached towards the front, by this time there had been about nine shots I didn't see the shooter, but I saw the glass break. I saw a large man drop," explained Slayman. 

Muck gives Slayman credit for helping save many lives early Saturday morning.

"He definitely got up. He was helping everybody making sure we were okay," Muck said.