Joe Bowen describes the 2017 shooting in court:

“There were two pops. Pop, pop. Followed by a burst of three to four pops.  And then a pause, and then probably four to five more pops. Initially I thought which one of these kids just brought firecrackers into my school?” Joe Bowen described.

"And did you hear any voices or noises from the hallway?"

“Immediately. Immediately, screaming. Screaming you can't even define.”

"When you came out initially into the hallway, please tell the court, to the best that you can exactly what you observed?"

“I observed Caleb Sharpe 10 feet away, opposite side of the hallway near a window.”

"What did you do at that point."

“I turned, I looked at him, I looked down the hallway. I observed a young female, laying towards the right side of the hallway, two-thirds of the way down, and another younger lady knelt down beside her, and another younger person behind them on the opposite side, probably three quarters of the way down, 15 to 20 feet behind the young ladies. The girls were screaming intensely, intensely. Immediately upon realizing this was a shooting, and the girls are in distress, I looked at him, I looked back down the hall, I looked and him. I thought, well Columbine has two shooters, where's the other one. I looked back at him, and I ordered him to go to the ground.”

"Did he comply with that?"


"Tell the court more."

“He stared at me, so I used a little refined language. ‘Go to the f**** ground now.’ He looked at me, put his hands up, said ‘okay,’ reached up, peeled off his Carhartt hat, dropped it to the floor, put his hand up and when to the floor. I put my knee into his back, my Gerber to his neck and said ‘don't f*** move.’”

"After Mr. Sharpe was secured, weapons were secured, did you play any other role as the situation unfolded?"

“I was still present for the weapons at his point, cus [Deputy Brian Lawler] cleared the first weapon then the second weapon. Then I turned and went back towards the girls to see if I could help, and he said, ‘no Joe, they're gone.’ I said, ‘no what do you mean? No we have to go help.’ He said, ‘no they are gone.’”