Guy punches women in LA over hot dog


Police in Los Angeles are searching for a man seen in a social media video brutally punching two women in downtown Los Angeles over the weekend. 

According to KTLA, the man who initially shared the video on Facebook, Mike Watson, said the man was upset about the price of hot dogs being sold outside of a bar. KTLA spoke with the LAPD detective investigating the case who said one of the women told the man to take his hot dog and get going because the line was getting long. 

The man reportedly took offense to the suggestion and punched the woman. Another woman came to the defense of the first woman and the man punched her in the face. 

Police say after punching the women multiple times, the man ran away. 

"For a crowd of men to sit back and not only watch, but film two girls get beat on by a 6’ 250 lb guy," Watson wrote on Facebook. "My family and I are disgusted to say the least."

The Los Angeles Police Department is still searching for the man and they are asking anyone with information on his identity to come forward.