SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - An unleashed dog attacked another dog in the front yard of a Spokane Valley home, and it was all caught on camera.

Surveillance video from a Ring camera at Ted Kaczmarek's home shows what he describes as a pit bull standing in front of his family's dachshund. Seconds later, after the dachshund barks at the pit bull, the pit bull bites the dachshund, gets its jaw around it, shakes it violently and doesn't let go.

"This dog is aggressive and has to be taken away from the streets," said Kaczmarek. "It cannot run them, period." 

Moments before the attack, the video shows two dachshunds barking at, and chasing the pit bull. Kaczmarek says the pit bull ran onto his property first, aggravating his dogs. 

"I saw the white pit bull running through the street to our yard," he said.  

As the pit bull is shaking the dachshund, a teenager, who Kaczmarek believes is responsible for the pit bull, jumps onto it and holds it down. Video shows the owner of the dachshund attempt to free his dog, and after he is unsuccessful, punches the pit bull in the head and it lets go. 

"So I punched him on the head to release the pressure," he said. 

Video also shows a silver or grey SUV arrive at Kaczmarek's house minutes later. Two women, allegedly partially responsible for the pit bull ask if Kaczmarek's dog is okay in which his wife responds "I don't know." After a few moments go by, the people allegedly responsible for the pit bull pick it up and leave despite Kaczmarek asking them for their names and address. 

"I felt like I was ignored," said Kaczmarek. "I just want to shake hands and walk away and have them say sorry."

SCRAPS says they are investigating this attack. They say if the dog has an aggressive history on it's record, the responsible owners could face a fine or misdemeanor charges.

SCRAPS says if the attacking dog does not have a violent past, the most they could do is give the dog a "potential dangerous declaration." To do this, SCRAPS investigators say they would have to have evidence proving that the attacking dog was not provoked or unjustified in the attack. 

At this time, SCRAPS says they have not had contact with the attacking dogs owners. They say they have reviewed the video but are continuing to investigate.