Volunteer pilots take to the skies to keep Spokane safe

An elite group of men and women help keep Spokane County safe- but you’ve got to keep an eye on the sky to catch these heroes in action.

In tonight’s Hometown Hero, there is a group of men and women who don’t patrol from cars or even on the ground.

That’s right, they are the inland Northwest’s eye in the sky. 

High in the sky sits a team watching over the inland Northwest.

Protecting, on call twenty four seven.  

“Air One is a major component to the sheriff’s office in a multitude of realms,” said Spokane Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.

Ready to assist a helping hand to the area, which without Air One, we would likely not be as safe.

Without them, search and rescue efforts would be limited and officers in dangerous situations would be blind.

Thankfully though, they aren’t.

This due to an eight person team of volunteers.

 “When there is a need for a pilot, when there is a need for a crew, and whichever pilot gets it first, gets it,” said volunteer pilot Steve Robertson.

Unpaid and ready to go, they are just passionate about what they do.

“I love it... I’ve done it my entire life,” said Steve. “It’s always good to give back at some point in your life. Law enforcement was always good to me for 30 years, so it’s nice to give back.”

We only talked with one of the pilots that day, Steve, but of course we want to thank the other seven that make up this group of volunteers who make it possible for air one to fly.