Voters want to build new stadium at Albi site

By a margin of almost 2-to-1, voters in Spokane said they want a new stadium to be built where Joe Albi Stadium is currently located. 

As of Tuesday night, the vote was 65.2 percent in favor of using the current Albi site, and 34.8 in favor of the downtown location on the north bank of the Spokane River. 

The Spokane Public Schools board isn't bound to the voter's will but 67-year-old Joe Albi Stadium will no longer be around. The school board could ignore the advisory vote and build the stadium in the downtown location anyway and put a new middle school at the Albi site, it would be hard to ignore Tuesday night's results. 

The stadium is budgeted to cost $31 million out of the $495 million bond.


For complete results, check out The Spokesman-Review or the Secretary of State's website (CLICK HERE FOR WA and CLICK HERE for ID)

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