Spokane Valley 20-year-old arrested with meth in coat says he was borrowing it

A Spokane Valley deputy arrested 38-year-old Samuel J. Lamere for an active felony warrant, possession of a controlled substance and obstructing early Wednesday morning.

The incident started around 3:40 a.m. when Deputy Spencer Rassier ran a plate on a white Chevy S10 pickup after the driver didn't use his turn signal. The deputy was alerted that the owner of the truck had an active Washington State Department of Correction-Escape Community Custody warrant for his arrest.

Deputy Rassier conducted a traffic stop and the driver, identified as Lamere, pulled into the Holiday Gas Station on Argonne Rd. Lamere stopped at the gas pumps and got out of his car before Deputy Rassier could confirm the warrant, exit his patrol vehicle, or update dispatch of the traffic stop. The deputy got out of his car and Lamere took off running west toward Hutchinson.

The deputy yelled for Lamere to stop and he didn't. While Lamere was running he reached into his pockets, emptying them. During the foot chase, in the area of 2200 N Hutchinson, Rassier caught up with Lamere as he continued to empty his pockets and reach into his waistband. Rassier tackled Lamere to the ground. Not knowing if Lamere was reaching for a weapon, the deputy immediately tried to gain control of Lamere who was trying to push the Deputy away while reaching toward his waistband.  He continued to try to stand while Deputy Rassier radioed for backup. Lamere continued to struggle, the deputy punched him twice in the stomach with no effect. Lamere rolled on to his knees, and the deputy hit him again on the back and upper shoulder.

After getting hit in the shoulder, Lamere yelled that he gave up and was taken into custody as backup arrived.

During a search, deputies found three small baggies containing methamphetamine.

Lamere was not injured and declined any need for medical attention.He was booked into Spokane County Jail.