Coronavirus background

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has published new data related to COVID-19 case investigation and contact tracing efforts in the state. This data is available now and will be updated weekly.

The most recent data, representing Aug. 20 through Sept. 5, shows the following:

  • 49% of cases within a day of receiving a positive COVID-19 test result
  • 70% of cases' contacts within two days of receiving a positive COVID-19 test result

According to DOH, statewide, the shared goal is to reach 90% of cases and 80% of contacts within one and two days of receiving a positive test result. 

“While we expect our outcomes to improve over time, this initial data shows we have work to do,” Secretary of Health John Wiesman said. “I urge all Washingtonians to please answer or call back right away if you are contacted by public health. Your participation can stop the spread of COVID-19 and helps keep your families and communities safe.”

If a contact tracer reaches out to you, DOH encourages you to participate in the process. DOH said case investigations and contact tracing aren't new or experimental, and that they were used to contain the spread of communicable diseases like ebola, HIV and tuberculosis.