FERRY COUNTY -A Washington hunter has officially set the world record for Shiras moose. 

Jim Hall, a 52-year-old from Buckley, had two days left on his once-in-a-life-time tag after applying for over 30 years. On November 28, Hall was hunting with his friend, Jason Parlari in Ferry County when a massive bull moose appeared. 

“I’m not paying attention to its horns,” Hall told our partners at the Spokesman Review. “I’m trying to get it down as quickly and ethically as possible... I’m just in awe,” Hall said. “I’m texting pictures to people and all my friends are freaking out.”

Hall was told by a friend to enter the moose to the Safari Club's international ranking. 

In total the bull moose’s antlers had 242 inches of aggregate tine length, according to the Spokesman. Hall said he wasn't sure but thought the animal was between 650 and 700 pounds. 

On April 4, the hunter found he had set the new world-record for Shiras moose.