Washington rescue creates bucket list for dying puppy

FERNDALE, WA - Meet Logan! He is an 8-week-old German Shepherd puppy that will always be a puppy his entire life. 

According to Rescued Hearts Northwest, Logan was recently diagnosed with Pulmonic Valve Dysplasia which is a congenital heart defect of the semilunar valve that is between the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery.

After some tests the rescue received the devastating news that Logan's heart is in worse shape than what they originally thought and that his time is very short.

The rescue decided to create a puppy bucket list, so Logan would be able to experience anything and everything a puppy would ever want to experience.

Click here to follow Logan's journey.

The rescue asks that you share your ideas with them and they will create "Logans Bucket List" and share his adventures with you.

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