SPOKANE, Wash. - Right now, the top two candidates for Washington State Governor are democrat Jay Inslee and republican Loren Culp. Inslee is looking for his third term as governor and Culp is currently the police chief in Republic, Washington. 

In Spokane County, Inslee winning with 43.32% of the votes. In total, just over 35,000 votes. Culp winning 13.71% of votes in Spokane County, that's over 11,000 votes. 

In King County, Inslee winning 70.34% of votes accumulating 248,000 votes. Joshua Freed taking home 23,000 votes in King County. 

In total Inslee has won 649,000 votes to Culp's 209,000 votes.

Both will move on to the general election for state governor.

In the race for Washington State Lieutenant Governor, Denny Heck is winning the state with 27.71% of votes and Marko Liias coming in with 16.6%.

Both prefer the Democrat party. On the republican side, Marty McClendon is taking home about 10% of the votes.

In Spokane County, McClendon taking 16.91% of the votes, that's just over 13,000 votes. Heck getting 16.84% of votes, or about 13,000.

In Yakima, McClendon winning 19.37% of votes, but in King County, Heck winning 32.31% percent of votes. Liias, who prefers the Democrat party, picking up 29.59% and McClendon getting 4.46% in King County.

In the race for Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson taking 56.67% of votes and Matt Larkin taking 23.51%. 

Statewide, Ferguson took home 697,000 votes to Larkin who took home about 289,000 votes. 

Larkin winning in Lincoln, Stevens and Grant County, but Ferguson winning Spokane County with 48.1% of votes and King County with 74.24%.

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