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The rankings for the 2013-2014 school year for Washington State high schools, middle schools and elementary schools came out this week from the Washington State Board of Education. The schools were ranked based on their average growth in math and reading of all students and specific subgroups.

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They were also ranked based on their proficiency average that looked at reading, math, writing, and science. High Schools in the area was also ranked on their career and college readiness. 

The scale that they were ranked on was based on the averages. 

Some schools improved their performance from the 2012-2013 year, others dropped, but most stayed about the same.



                                          From         To

    Highest                           7.94        10.00    Exemplary 

                                           6.97        <7.94    very good

                                           5.93        <6.97    good

                                           4.88        <5.93    fair

                                           3.82         <4.88   underperforming

    Lowest                            1.00         <3.82    lowest 5%

Here is how Spokane schools ranked:

Elementary Schools

Adams Elementary - very good

Arlington Elementary -  fair

Audubon Elementary - good

Balboa Elementary - good

Bemiss - fair

Browne Elementary - good

Cooper Elementary - very good

Finch elementary - good

Franklin Elementary - good

Garfield elementary - good

Grant Elementary - underperforming

Hamblen Elementary - good

Holmes Elementary - Lowest 5%

Hutton Elementary - good

Indian Trail Elementary - good

Jefferson Elementary - fair

Lidgerwood Elementary - good

Lincoln Heights Elementary - fair

Linwood Elementary - good

Logan Elementary - good

Longfellow Elementary - underperforming

Madison Elementary - good

Moran Prairie Elementary - very good

Mullan Road Elementary - good

Regal Elementary - fair

Ridgeview Elementary - fair

Roosevelt Elementary - fair

Sheridan Elementary - fair

Stevens Elementary - underperforming 

Westview Elementary - good

Whitman Elementary - fair

Willard Elementary - fair

Wilson Elementary - Exemplary 

Woodridge Elementary - very good 

Middle Schools 

Chase Middle School - good

Garry Middle School - lowest 5% (identified as priority school)

Glover Middle School - fair

Sacajawea Middle School - very good

Salk Middle School - fair

Shaw Middle School - underperforming 

High Schools 

Ferris High School - very good

Lewis & Clark High School - good

North Central High School - good

Rogers High School - fair

Shadle Park High School - good


Adams Elementary

Cooper Elementary 

Moran Prairie Elementary 

Woodridge Elementary

Wilson Elementary 


Ferris High School

These are the rankings for Spokane schools, if you want to know more about schools in your area, check out the Washington State Board of Education's page

Written by KHQ Intern Janelle Bieker

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