Spokane Valley 20-year-old arrested with meth in coat says he was borrowing it

A Washington state waitress has confessed to skimming about $30,000 from a restaurant throughout the course of nine years.

The Kitsap Sun reports  the Madison Diner waitress was caught after new restaurant owners installed sales software on the registers.

The 26-year-old told a Bainbridge Island Police detective the money helped fuel a gambling addiction.

She was charged on Wednesday with first-degree theft. Prosecutors added an aggravator to the charge for the waitress being in a position of trust. If convicted of the theft and the aggravator, the judge would be able to hand down a longer sentence than outlined in state law.

Prosecutors accuse the waitress of pocketing all or some of the money from cash-paying customers and then canceling or modifying their bills.


Information from: Kitsap Sun, http://www.kitsapsun.com/

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