WATCH: Get well soon video for beloved Odessa school teacher goes viral

Students and staff at Odessa High School came together to wish their beloved teacher and coach luck before he underwent cancer surgery on Friday. Now their school-wide wish of good luck and get well soon is going viral on social media.

Odessa High School posted the video on Friday. In it, you see a camera wander the halls of the school while students dance, cheer, hula hoop, and play sports. The video was posted because math teacher Larry Weber underwent cancer surgery on Friday. Mr. Weber was born and raised in Odessa and has been a teacher at the school for more than 20 years.

His family says Mr. Weber saw the video right before he went into surgery Friday.

Doctors told KHQ that Mr. Weber's surgery went well and he's currently in the hospital recuperating.

 Watch the video below:

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