WATCH: Lewiston man uses shotgun shell blank to scare package thief

Package thieves are a repeat problem in our region and some people are getting creative in order to combat the porch pirates. According to a 2016 survey of U.S. homeowners, 53 percent worry that packages left outside their home will be stolen. That figure increases to 74 percent among homeowners who previously had a package stolen. 

In recent weeks we've told you of some creative ways residents have worked to keep their stuff safe.

One man in Lewiston struck back at criminals using a bait box. This one was attached to a shotgun shell blank, so that when the potential thief tried to take it, he triggered a loud bang.

Billy Jenkins is no stranger to property crime. His brother Michael told KHQ thieves in his neighborhood have taken Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, and a box of gifts in the past.   So he attached the 12-gauge blank to the bottom of an empty box and attached it to a string.

Around 5 a.m. Sunday, a potential thief took the bait. And the whole thing was caught on camera..

The thief quickly drops the box and runs when he hears the bang. 

Michael says his brother hopes it scares thieves enough to leaves his neighborhood alone. He says he doesn't plan on setting up the bait box again.

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