WATCH: Mom's video warning others of tick paralysis goes viral

We've told you about tick paralysis before on KHQ, but one Oregon mother's scary video of her daughter showing the effects of tick paralysis has gone viral on Facebook since it was first posted last week.

Amanda Lewis first posted the video on her Facebook page on Saturday. In the post she says she wanted to share it so that others were aware of what could happen.

In the video you see Lewis' daughter, Evelyn, struggling to stand up, even with the help of Lewis' husband, Lantz. Lewis says she shot the video to share with family in case they had any ideas about what might be happening with Evelyn before taking her to the emergency room.

"This morning she was having a hard time standing. She could barely walk, or crawl, and could hardly use her arms. We took some video to send to family to see if they had any idea what could be going on. We decided to take her into the ER right after we took this video because her symptoms were getting worse," Lewis wrote in her post.

When they got to the emergency room the doctor told her over the years he had seen about seven or eight children Evelyn's age with identical symptoms and that she more than likely had a tick. They looked her over and found a tick in the little girl's hair.

"This condition is called tick paralysis. It can affect dogs also and can be fatal. I'm glad we took her in when we did and that it wasn't something worse and that we found it before it got worse," Lewis wrote. "I feel awful for not having seen the little bugger sooner but I never would have even thought to look for a tick. It's crazy that a little bug can do this!"

The Lewises reported that after the tick was removed, Evelyn recovered and is doing much better now.  Lewis wrote she's thankful that things didn't turn out worse.

Since the video was posted on May 13, the scary warning has gone viral. Lewis' post has been shared more than 400,000 times, and the video itself has 14 million views. Watch it for yourself below.

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