MOSES LAKE, WA - A woman is facing charges after damaging property at a Moses Lake Rite Aid. 

Video posted by iFiber One News shows the woman tossing items off shelves and destroying displays. 

According to iFiber One, 23-year-old Deanna Castro was first contacted by police at 3 p.m. on Monday after she reportedly stepped into traffic and hit a vehicle with her hand. 

Officers took her to Grant County Medical Health for an evaluation. While there, Castro reportedly threw a chair. She then left the building and allegedly threw rocks at several vehicles. 

Police arrested her, but the jail was on restrictions and would not take her. Instead, she was cited for disorderly conduct and third-degree malicious mischief and released. 

About 7:30 p.m. Officers were called to the Rite Aid in Moses Lake. Police say Castro was inside knocking items off the shelves. iFiber reports that Castro reportedly threw merchandise at employees and other witnesses, hitting at least one person.

She was arrested and booked into Grant County Jail for felony malicious mischief and misdemeanor assault.

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