We would like for her to be brought home to her family"; Urn found in Spokane Valley storage unit

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – A KHQ viewer is searching for the family of a deceased woman after her urn somehow wound up abandoned at a storage facility.

The urn indicates the woman, Florence Snyder, passed in August of 1997. She was cremated in Spokane.

Viewer Teresa Johnson wrote to our help me Hayley saying in part, “I have ashes of a Florence Snyder from Spokane, Washington. We found (them) in our storage unit and we would like for her to be brought back home to her family. Any help would be appreciated.”

Teresa has been looking on her own for nearly two years, but after seeing a recent Help Me Hayley report on a similar situation, she decided to reach out to Hayley for help. She also contacted the company who handled the cremation and was told they will do their best to try to help as well. 

If you have any information that could help reunite the family members of Florence Snyder with her urn, send Hayley an email at hayley@khq.com and she will connect you with Teresa.