SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane's South Hill, which is usually quiet, was filled with noises of generators and the sound of buzzing chain saws on Wednesday. 

Power went out for thousands of people. You could see downed power lines next to transformers, across roadways and holding up fallen trees.

Geoff Lieb lives on 37th Avenue on Spokane's South Hill, and he had a tree fall right onto his house, waking him up in the middle of the night.

"We got very lucky. It looks like the tree didn't completely split, It's still somewhat anchored on," Lieb said.

Just down the road from Lieb is his neighbor, T Mike Miller who had a tree split right in half. It ended up resting on power lines, almost taking out his garage.

"It was a little shocking. I was concerned my truck was underneath this mess at first, but luckily, the power line caught some of the weight there and was able to back up without any damage," Miller said..

But on one of Spokane's most beautiful streets, Manito Boulevard, looked like a war zone with downed trees and large branches all over. Neighbors were helping each other out by dragging large branches and using chainsaws to clear the way.

City crews were also busy going from location to location to clean up the mess of the storm. They also had generators buzzing to keep the street lights on at 29th and Grand.