What does calling Crime Check actually do?

You hear it all the time: “Call Crime Check.” But what does calling that number do?

Angela Hollowell calls Crime Check anytime she sees something in her neighborhood. She calls so much that the number, 509-456-2233, is saved in her phone.

But she says there needs to be more education about what it is and how it works for the public.

So, KHQ took those questions to the experts.

When you make the call, it goes to the dispatch center. 911 and Crime Check dispatchers are in the same room. As they get your reports, they send them to the right agency. Emergencies get a higher priority.

Even if you think your Crime Check call isn’t a big deal, police do treat them with importance. They say every bit of information helps. The reports are reviewed by SPD’s crime analysis unit, looking for trends and whether more resources are needed in a certain area. For example, this kind of teamwork tied together the cases of car vandalism in the West Central neighborhood back in March.

“It's because people took the time to call those reports in that we were able to piece it together and get those kids into custody,” says Ofc. Teresa Fuller with Spokane Police.

So even if you don't think something's being done, Angela, along with police, say call it in.

“Get the information you can get within a period of time so you can email it to the proper people so that they can build a case,” Angela says.

Each law enforcement agency handles the reports differently. If you think there’s been any miscommunication or want to speak with an officer, you can call Crime Check or the agency itself. Make sure you have your incident report number. 

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