Hoopfest weekend is almost here, and there are a few things to know to stay safe during the weekend.

The Hoopfest security team says they're using a new alert system this year. Hoopfest attendees can stay in the loop by texting the word "Hoopfest" to 99411. Security says that will users will receive Hoopfest alert texts about everything from security issues to lost children. The texts will end after Hoopfest concludes on Sunday. 

Hoopfest site operations manager Jim Dibble says a crisis management plan is ready to go in case of an emergency. Spokane Police Department officers and Spokane Hoopfest rapid response teams will keep an eye on things throughout the weekend. 

"For us again it goes back to monitoring players and the crowd," Dibble said. "Behavior, activities, mannerisms and just looking for those things that stand out or don't look like they belong."

Dibble asks Hoopfest attendees to please not bring pets. There will not be a main security checkpoint, and backpacks are allowed. If something seems strange, please report it to security.