Over the years more and more videos of UFOs have come to the surface but this is not a new phenomenon. Even for Washington. The first recorded UFO sighting was on the west side of the state in 1947, and this morning one of our viewers may have had the latest UFO sighting in the state.

A video sent to our Facebook inbox early this morning shows lights dancing high in the clouds. It almost looks like Dementors circling an escaped prisoner from Azkaban. A curious mystery, so KHQ went to an expert, Chris Rutkowski.

Since the 70's Rutkowski said he has been investigating and studying reports of UFOs, and while the U.S. government has acknowledged UFOs or UAPs do exist, Rutkowski attributes much of the seemingly growing belief of extraterrestrial beings to Hollywood.

"It is true that more and more people seem to want to believe that there are aliens out there, I mean we live in the James Cameron universe where we assume that there are aliens out there simply by watching the Avengers or DC characters,” Rutkowski said. “We get this idea that there must be somebody out there who has probably figured out a way to travel between the stars."

Fact or fiction? Sometimes that can be tough to tell but videos released by the Pentagon over the summer raise some eyebrows.

"At the foundation of all of this are the UFO reports themselves and certainly the announcement of the unidentified aerial phenomena task force,” Rutkowski said. “There are many, many reports, literally tens of thousands of reports that are on record."

Which begs the question, what are those Dementor-looking things dancing in the clouds?

"What I see when I look at the video is a group of half a dozen lights that appear to be chasing one another,” Rutkowski said. “Dancing in the sky somehow within or on the cloud cover that's over top of the witness."

Curious? Yes. A UFO?

"I have looked at hundreds and hundreds of UFO photos and videos, I've seen something like this before,” Rutkowski said. "And unfortunately it turns out to be a fairly simple explanation that some casinos and car dealerships and other special events will sometimes rent these large spotlights and they are computer-controlled and they project lights up in the sky and they project them on the clouds as the spotlights move around it looks pretty impressive but it’s not a UFO."

Maybe not a UFO this time, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. Remember if you do believe you have seen a UFO or a UAP report it here.

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