PULLMAN, Wash.- Through the rolling hills of the Palouse, in a field of stubble, just 3 miles north of Pullman lies a piece of art waiting to welcome alumni home for next week's homecoming Coug game.

Stan herd has been turning soil to art for decades. His inspiration for working with the earth stems from his roots in agriculture.

"I grew up on a farm and when I graduated from art school I went back to farming as a way to express myself, my history, and my family," Stan said about why he use the ground as his medium.

This specific piece lies on a wheat field owned by the Fulf's. A family of third generation farmers, who are also proud WSU alumni.

Boeing Employees Credit Union, BECU, commissioned the piece and it's a seemingly perfect choice to celebrate the release of the new WSU credit and debit cards.

Straw left over from harvest, the soil it sits on, and a couple hay bales. That's all it takes to carve out Butch T. Cougar waving the WSU flag and shouting 'Go Cougs' to all who enter the promise land.

In a statement BECU told KHQ, “The financial co-op created the artwork to celebrate our extended partnership with Washington State University (WSU), which includes supporting the financial well being of students through scholarships, financial programs and more. We are also proud sponsors of WSU Athletics and the WSU Alumni Association.”

It's a masterpiece to all Cougs alike, but for Stan he says the best part of getting to come here and do this piece, is working with the family who for decades has rooted for this team and tilled the soil he carves into his latest artwork.

"The best part of these works is working with people like this," Stan said about the Fulf's. "The key is getting to know these people and work on their land in this [agricultural] nation."

A car honks about every 5 minutes as it drives by. Stan said it will be nothing to the traffic coming in for the game.

"When everyone comes for the game against Colorado, the traffic will back up here and people will be able to really see it."

More artwork by Stan Herd can be found on his Facebook page.

"We are so proud and excited for our partnership. We honestly are surprised by the reaction to the crop art," Toby Travis, BECU Director of Marketing Strategies told KHQ.

You can get your WSU credit or debit card at any BECU location, or to open an account head to BECU's website.

And another special treat for Coug fans, the first 9,000 into the game will receive a free Coug and BECU beanie. Perfect for the cold weather expected at this year's homecoming game.

The Cougs kickoff against the Colorado Buffs at 4:00 p.m. in Martin Stadium.