Wife of Spokane VA doctor wants to 'turn this tragedy around'

According to an email sent to the wife of a VA doctor who went missing on January 25, 2016, the City of Spokane has asked the Washington State Attorney General's office for help in the investigation.

Dr. John Marshall went missing on January 25, 2016. His body was found floating in the Spokane River the next day. There were immediate questions, like why he was floating face up when most drowning victims float face down. Why was there bruising on his neck, why weren't the bruises noted in the autopsy, and why didn't Dr. Marshall's Mp3 player show signs that it had been submerged in water?

The official cause of death for John Marshall is accidental drowning. Dr. Marshall's wife, who is a trained surgeon herself, doesn't believe it. Suzan Marshall believes her husband was killed and she has long pushed city investigators to dig deeper and find the answers.

On January 9, Marshall sent several city leaders an email, asking for updates on the investigation into her husband's death. In response, she says she received an email from Spokane Human Resources Director Christine Cavanaugh, in which she was told that the city is working with Washington State's Homicide Investigation Tracking System Team, to see if they'll take on that investigation.

We reached out to Cavanaugh, who has not yet responded to our questions. As soon as we know more, we'll let you know.