Winnipeg Police seize Halloween-themed fentanyl paper

A drug investigation by Winnipeg police has led to the seizure of a number of drugs including Halloween-themed fentanyl paper, known as blotters.

Police believe there may be similar drug laced blotters around the city and warn the drug and blotters could be lethal.

The Winnipeg Police Service reports the blotters that were seized had a graphic of a witch riding a broom and police are advising the public to be cautious, especially with Halloween around the corner.

The drug acts incredibly quickly, and can lead to death within minutes.

On Friday, four people were charged with a number of drug related offenses, including drug trafficking after police carried out a search warrant on a house in the Fort Rouge area. Three men and one woman were charged.

Police advises anyone who finds one of these blotters to not touch them and to call 911 immediately.

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